BGMG Sunday Club launches

Reiner is facilitating the development of a BGMG Sunday club. Below are some ideas of things we could be doing. Reiner requests your feedback using the form at the bottom of this post.

  • 1st Sunday : “Oh, how interesting!” Day-Tours around Bali
  • 2nd Sunday : “Yang penting I win!” Games Club
  • 3rd Sunday : “Isn’t he cute?” Lazy – and ‘cuci mata’ – on the beach
  • 4th Sunday : “And now the dessert”! Cooking Club


avanzaDay Tours

Some of us have cars. At 9, 10, or 11am, we leave for the chosen place, in convoy or individually. We would just need to discuss the destinations and then distribute the passengers into the cars. The passengers pay the car owner a refund for the bensin – and a free Nasi Goreng for lunch

cardsGames Club and Cooking Club

chefThey would be done at the residences of voluntary BGMG members – guys who enjoy hosting an event at their villas/houses and welcome players/cooks on a Sunday afternoon.
Venues/Residences would change so more members can enjoy to be a host

Games could start at 4 or 5pm, same for the Cooking Club?


Probably La Cantina, khan?


The above activities are initial suggestions as to get the whole thing started.

You can probably think of many other (Sunday) activities that could enter the list (e.g. watching that show in Nusa Dua); please let me/us know.

We can keep our list of activities in the BGMG calendar.

All activities need sufficient planning. The planning and organizing of activities is actually a lot of fun – so I trust that quite a few of you will be participants and planners.

Each event should have at least one p.i.c who coordinates that event. I volunteer to be the Sunday-Club Coordinator, and I would also organize the Games Club.

And now: Let’s do it