We organise two types of event.

  • The first type is an event where we throw open the invitation to any like-minded men who would like to attend.
  • The second type of event is specifically for members of the group, our family of friends.

Open invitation to all LIKE-MINDED men

We hold dinner events twice each month in South-west Bali. All like-minded men are welcome to come to one of these events and are an opportunity to get to know us.

We aim to generally choose places which are inexpensive so as to be accessible to anyone regardless of income.

We maintain a web page with our diary of events and guidance on how to get to them.

We also have a mailing list you can join where you can receive mail notification of new events.

See our current list of dinner events

If you would like to join the mailing list, please send a message using the contact page.

Events for members

While some men are content to find friendship just at the regular dinners. Others enjoy more in-depth events where we can build a sense of intentional community.

Past events include a long weekend gathering (about 20 people) at a member’s villa with heart circles and other community building activities, and a weekend trip to Lembongan (12 people)

For the future, we hope to have more and longer gatherings.

Events for members are announced in our private Facebook group.

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