About us

Our group consists of like-minded men from Bali, from other parts of Indonesia, and from other parts of the world. We believe friends are our most important asset and we want to create a wide circle of friends who are committed to treating each other with respect and want to create opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and organise activities together. We define ourselves by our common aims.

Our goal

To create a respectful community of like-minded men not limited by age, race or other differences where we can develop deep friendships and come together for fun.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We will treat each other with respect and celebrate our differences;
  2. We will reach decisions and resolve any problems using a fair (consensus) process.
  3. We will create a safe, non-judgmental meeting space to share our dreams and overcome our fears.
  4. We will support each other in living more healthy, natural and authentic lives.

Would you like to join in?

Come along to one of our ‘open’ events, or, if you prefer, contact us and one of us will get back to you.

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